Trafalgar Cases Limited

Company: Trafalgar
Location: Kings Langley, Hertfordshire
Services: Reactive and Pro-Active Maintenance

About: Chilfen Timber Packaging, a division of Chilfen Group, comprises leading U.K companies Chilfen Export Packaging Ltd. and Trafalgar Cases Ltd. to offer an extensive range of packaging and storage solutions for export and logistics.

Chilfen Timber Packaging applies over 55 years of British industry expertise to every aspect of its operations.

The Challenge: Whitton Electrical has provided Trafalgar Cases with over 10 years of reactive maintenance to it’s production facilities, based in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire.

As a specialist manufacturer, Trafalgar’s production facilities feature a number of unique machines which require retention of knowledge high levels of familiarity in order to correctly and safely maintain.

Many of the heavy machines are considered high risk to maintenance staff coupled with the presence of high volumes timber presenting a fire risk make this a complex site to manage and maintain.

Outcomes: Utilising safe isolation practices in conjunction with dynamic risk assessment has been absolutely vital to the safe management of this site and the higher risk machinery present.

Ability to efficiently maintain this site and ensure the business remains able to operate at optimal production capacity has been possible through retaining intimate knowledge of specialist machinery within the production line and providing not only reactive maintenance but pro-active preventative maintenance as well as regular testing and inspection. Areas of maintenance include:

  • Three phase control wiring for machinery
  • Extraction
  • Lighting

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