Q: Can you carry out an inspection and provide certification to our property/business?

A: Yes we can, one of our qualified engineers will attend your property/business and carry out a series of tests on your installation to determine its condition. On completion of this the engineer will send the document to our office for “signing off” and then a PDF copy of the certificate (Electrical Installation Condition Report) will be sent via email to you within the same or following day along with a price to carry out a required rectifications.

Q: How long does an inspection take?

A: This depends on the size of your property, normally determined by number of bedrooms to a domestic dwelling and number of circuits within a business premises. More often than not, with business premises, a site visit will be arranged to allow for a survey of the installation and to discuss any possible disruption to the business.

Q: Can you sign off somebody else’s electrical work?

A: No. We do not sign of other peoples electrical work. We can however carry out an electrical installation condition report following electrical work carried out by a third party and determine whether it is satisfactory or not.

Q: Can you register Part P with the local authority?

A: Yes, through the NIC online website. Once the work has been completed it will be registered through the NIC webiste and the local authority will be informed and provide the relevant building control certification. We will issue a reference number alongside the certification.

Q: Can you provide a certificate for our fire alarm/emergency lighting?

A: Yes we can. Our engineers can carry out testing with little disruption to your property/business. The certification will be completed whilst on site and sent via email once finished. Any rectifications required to meet the necessary standards can be discussed with the engineer or office and a price submitted accordingly.

Q: Can you provide maintenance contracts?

A: Yes, again. We provide electrical, fire alarm and emergency lighting maintenance to many managing agents and business’s throughout London and the Home Counties.

Q: Can you carry out free estimates?

A: Yes, we offer a free no obligation estimate, if required we can arrange a site survey.

Q: Can you repair our appliance (cooker, washing machine, oven etc)?

A: No. We do not repair appliances. We only carry out work to the electrical installation.

Q: Do you work on heating controls/boilers?

A: No, we leave that to heating engineers due to the cross over of water and gas. These are specialised industries and we are not trained to carry out work on.

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