Whitton Electrical has a wide experience of working within the aerospace sector.

We understand that this is a meticulous industry that has strict parameters to work within. Whitton Electrical have the knowledge to work within these strict guidelines. We have experience in workspace electrical design and have solutions to the constantly changing environment that may present itself in production lines. We can provide lighting designs to achieve the recommended lux levels for fabrication, calibration, and inspection with the inclusion of emergency lighting.

These systems are normally “plug and play” systems which futureproof the installation should it need alteration, addition or removal. We can install energy efficient lighting with the use of LED, T5 technology and wireless control solutions that can, over the course of a few years, save thousands of pounds. We can provide “payback” calculations to enable transparent cost savings.

Whitton Electrical have provided electrical, fire, data and air conditioning systems to multiple sites throughout the UK.

Services relevant to the aerospace sector:

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